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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kinetic Man

Besides my own house, Jordan Valley Park is my favorite place in Springfield, MO. Prime water fountains for playing, excellent hills for rolling, AND A GIANT ROBOT.

Kinetic Man is the work of Missourian artist Russ RuBert (all photos are from his online portfolio). Whenever out-of-towners come to visit me in Springfield, I always take them to visit Kinetic Man. He's simply lovable!

To see Kinetic Man in action, you have to turn a wheel that looks like it could steer a pirate ship. As the wheel turns, Kinetic man's arms and legs move as if he's walking. Also, his square head rotates a full 360 degrees.

If Kinetic Man could talk, I feel like he would be a wise man. He would be a great listener and a great storyteller.

Long Live Kinetic Man!

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