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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Artisan Cheese Crackers - Wheat Thins

I did not think that these would be a good idea.

Turns out, they're a great idea.

The new Artisan Cheese Crackers from Wheat This are delicious. I'm usually not a big fan of cheese-flavored snacks (I find most of them too "orange cheesy"), but Wisconsin Colby Wheat This are a perfect blend of real cheese and nuttiness.


  1. I really want to eat these. The only problem is that I'm in Russia, and thus seriously doubt my ability to find them -or anything like it- as Russian food is usually delicious and always very interesting.

    For example, this morning for breakfast, I was given curdled yogurt, bread, a pastry-like thing filled with creme cheese and covered in sour cream, two hotdogs served with cold pasta, and a Kit Kat bar?

  2. Yum yum... adding that to my grocery shopping list!



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