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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Park Central Branch Library

I'm totally spoiled by the Springfield-Greene County library system. I'm sure the New York City library system is pretty good for a system of its size, but it can't hold a candle to Springfield's in terms of courtesy, community, aesthetics, atmosphere, and convenience. For example, in New York City, there's no way to return a book after the library closes. And the library is only open during hours when you'd either be at work or in class.

So every time I come home, I marvel at the awesomeness of my town's libraries. The Park Central Branch is the newest addition to the system, and it is located on the Square. It's nice--Barnes & Noble nice. You know how sometimes you go to Barnes & Noble not to buy anything, but just to sit in a nice place, read, and drink a cup of coffee? You can do that at the Park Central Branch library, too (The Coffee Ethic is right next door), except at the library, you can take home any of the books, CDs and movies on display for free.

Plus, the Park Central Library has sofa cubes. Yes, the inner walls of this cube are lined with plush, red sofa.

That would be my friend Mark sitting in a sofa cube.

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